A new method of posting to DTube is born. Upload your cutting edge videos onto our high performance, decentralized IPFS nodes. Your videos will remain on the IPFS network indefinitely.
Stuck in upload queue? You can skip it by using our upload servers instead! IPFS operations are handled asynchronously, means there's no need to wait for others' to complete adding files to IPFS to add your outstanding video to the network!
Hesitating logging into DTube with your posting key to upload? Have problems with SteemConnect on DTube? Our uploader works very well with SteemConnect, so never worry about giving your private keys to 3rd party applications!
DTube servers down? Old videos unplayable on DTube? Our uploader uploads your video straight to the public IPFS gateway, without involving DTube's upload servers. Your video will remain playable even during DTube's downtime, as long as it is available in the IPFS network!